The difficulty in the wait...

As we have finalized our decision to go, now is the hardest part - waiting. Not fining a new home, not selling our current home, not packing, not learning the language - waiting. In a culture so permeated by instant gratification and sense of entitlement it is extremely challenging to do the right things, the right way, and invest the time necessary to do them. Case in point, we know full well we'll never return to the United States as citizen once we obtain foreign citizenship. So we could abandon our home, debts, and other aspects of our lives and be gone tomorrow. But that is not our style. We'd like to be able to come back to visit without fear of incarceration from time to time. So, that leaves us here....waiting. You can only pay down debt so quickly, you can only cut so many expenses from your budget, and all the while you wait.

But this presents a great opportunity to learn and grow. Time for research on where to live, how to live, and among whom to live. A time to seek out and find like minded people and learn from their experiences and insights. A time not only to learn a language but to master it. Here and now we can plan travel to our new home to see, feel and experience it - and to make sure this is where we truly want to be.

A while back, I made a promise to myself that I would never sit, watch, and wait for a computer to due something time consuming (e.g. install an OS, transfer 12 petabytes over a 56K modem). I told myself that it is during that time that I must do something, do anything but sit idle and just wait. Fill the stapler, take out the recycling, go grab a soda, use the restroom, whatever; just do not sit and stare at a status bar. Waiting to move is my new software install - I cannot sit idle - I must do...something. I must do anything but sit and wait.

There is an old saying about idle hands doing the devils work, I don't know what it is. I do know that, in this case, it seems being idle itself is the evil we must work to avoid. Now I'm off to track the package containing my new Rosetta Stone language learning software. With hope it will be here tomorrow and I will have one more thing to do while we wait.

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