Today is New Years Day

OK, not even really close yet, but then I ask, "Why not today? Why not now? Why not this very moment in time?" What is it about change that makes it this forever future endeavour that needs some event to catalyse it into action? I have been a procrastinator for most of my life until now. See? No longer a procrastinator - I just did that right now. Easy. Done.

But to my point, in recent memory, they persons that I have encountered that have been the happiest, the most full of life; are those who have had a brush with death. Persons for whom the reaper has been by to escort off a loved one or to essentially say, "See you soon." People who have become acutely aware of the impermanent nature of things. This should be all of us.

Life does not start on some obscure date "out there" - it is and it is happening right now. So if, right now, you are not sucking every ounce of joy from the day through a huge ass straw - time to rethink things. Honestly, did you think you'd be where you are right now five years ago? One year ago? Last week? Goes by quick doesn't it?

Marathoners have heart failures. Teetotallers are run down by drunken drivers. There are insects and bacteria that can kill you. Do not grow old, do not collect social security, go directly...you see my point. If you hate your job, quit. If your marriage is a sham built on obligation, file for divorce. If you are sitting about waiting for the world to right itself and have good things land in your lap, stand up, go to the mirror, look yourself in the eye and say, "The only person who can change my life is me." Repeat this until you believe it.

Start small today, just for an hour - power off your computer, mobile device, and anything else that could distract you. Go outside and just be. Take in the wonder around you and just be. Do not speculate about the future or where you need to be sixty-one minutes from now - just be in the moments as they pass. If you cannot be outside; stare out a window, find a good book, really focus on an enjoyable hobby. Do this for you and for no one else - remember you are not "wasting time", you are reclaiming it. It is yours to spend, you do not know how much you have, and I recommend investing every bit of it in you and in those you love.

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